Act Nos,
24 of 1955
40 of 1991
[16th April
, 1955
Short title.

1. This Act may be cited as the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress Act.

Incorporation of the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress.

2. The members for the time being of the association known as the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress (hereinafter referred to as “the congress”) shall be a body corporate (hereinafter referred to as “the corporation “) with perpetual succession, a common seal, and the name “The All Ceylon Buddhist Congress”. The corporation may sue and be sued in such name.

General objects of the corporation.

[ 2,40 of 1991]

3. The general corporation shall be-

(a) to promote, foster and protect the interests of Buddhism and of the Buddhists and to safeguard the rights and privileges of the Buddhists;

(b) to promote co-operation among Buddhists and Buddhist associations;

(c) to represent the Buddhists and act on their behalf in public matters affecting their interests;

(d) to provide opportunity to the Buddhists for the free discussion of any matters affecting their interests; charitable

(e) to undertake Buddhist activities;

to engage in fund raising activities for the Corporation and to invest such funds ; “; and

(g) to do all such things as may be necessary or conducive to the interests or benefit of the Buddhists or to the attainment of the abovementioned objects or any of them.

The affairs of the corporation to be administered by an execution committee.


(1) The affairs of the Corporation shall, subject to the rules for the time being of the Corporation, be administered by an executive committee which shall consist of the following:-

The ex officio members viz. the honorary members, past Presidents, Presidents of the Palaka Sabha and the representatives of the regional branches and member-associations and hundred other members elected at the annual general meeting of the Corporation

Provided also that out of the hundred members so elected twenty-live shall retire each year. The question as to who shall retire at the end of each year shall be decided on the criterion of least attendance at meetings and if there: arise any difficulties it shall be decided by the working and finance Committee by the drawing of lots.

No member shall serve in the executive committee continuously for more than six successive years but shall be eligible for re-election after the lapse of one year

(2) The executive committee may delegate any of its functions to one or more standing committees or sub-committees.

Register of members

[ 4,40 of 1991]


(1) The secretaries of the corporation shall keep a register of the members of the corporation.

(2) The register of the members of the Corporation shall contain the following particulars:-

(a) in the case of regional branches and member associations of the Corporation-

(i) the name and full postal address of each regional branch or member association ;

(ii) the date on which such regional brand: or association was enrolled as a member ; and

(iii) the date on which such regional branch. or association ceased to be a member :

(b) in the case of honorary, life or ordinary members of the Corporation-

(i) the name, full postal address, rank, occupation or profession of each such member ;

(ii) the date on which each such member was enrolled as a member ; and

(iii) the date on which each such member ceased to be a member.”.


(1) The corporation may, by a vote of two-thirds of the members present and voting at an annual general meeting or special general meeting of the corporation, make rules for admission to, and removal from, membership of the corporation, for the performance of the duties of the office-bearers and other members of the executive committee of the corporation, for the procedure in the transaction of business, and otherwise generally for the management of the affairs of the corporation and the accomplishment of its objects.

“(2) Any such rules made by the Corporation under subsection (1) of this section, may at a like meeting and in like manner be amended or rescinded. “,

(3) Subject to the provisions of subsections (1) and (2) of this section, the rules set out in the Schedule to this Act shall be the rules of the corporation.(Schedule omitted.-Private enactment.)

Liabilities of and debts due to the congress.

7. All debts of the congress existing at the commencement of this Act shall be paid by the corporation and all debts due and fees, subscriptions and grants payable to the congress shall be paid to the corporation.

The corporation may hold property.

8. The corporation may acquire and hold any movable or immovable property by right of purchase, grant, gift, testamentary disposition or otherwise and, subject to the rules for the time being of the corporation, may sell, mortgage, lease, exchange or otherwise dispose of any movable or immovable property of the corporation.

Seal of the corporation and the procedure for affixing it.

9. The seal of the corporation may be altered at the pleasure of the corporation , The seal shall not be affixed to any instrument whatsoever except in the presence of two office-bearers of the corporation one of whom shall be the president or in his absence a vice-president, who shall sign their names on the instrument in token of their presence, and such signing shall be independent of the signing of any person as a witness.

Custody of the seal of the corporation

10. Any one of the secretaries of the corporation who is authorized for the purpose by the executive committee of the corporation shall have custody of the seal of the corporation.

Saving of the rights of the Republic and others.

[ 6,40 of 1991]

11. Nothing in this Act contained shall prejudice or affect the rights of the Republic or of any body politic or corporate or any other person,execpt such as are mentioned in this Act, and those claiming by, from or under, them.

Sinhala text to prevail in case of inconsistency.

In event of any inconsistency between the Sinhala and Tamil texts of this act, the Sinhala text shall prevail