Ordinance Nos,
6 of 1880
6 of 1896
[10th November
, 1880
Short title.

1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Boatmen’s Ordinance.

Construction and application of Ordinance.


(1) This Ordinance shall be construed as one with the Masters Attendant Ordinance,* hereinafter referred to as ” the principal Ordinance “.(* All references to Master Attendant in this Ordinance shall be deemed to be a reference to the Ports Authority in the application of its provisions to any ” specified port” within the meaning of section 2 of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority Act See section 86 (3) thereof.)

(2) This Ordinance shall extend to the port of Colombo +only, but the Minister may by Order extend it to any other port or ports to which the provisions of the principal Ordinance extend.(+ Sri Lanka Ports Authority Act shall apply in, to, and in relation to the Ports of Colombo, Galle, andTrincomalee See section 2 thereof. )


3. The term ” licensed boat” shall mean any licensed boat when employed in carrying passengers for hire, and any bumboat and any boat used by traders or hawkers or for the conveyance of goods for sale.

Boatmen to be licensed.

4. From and after the 1st day of January, 1881, every person to be employed as a boatman in, or to serve as one of the crew, or in any capacity on board of, any licensed boat, shall be duly licensed for that purpose as hereinafter provided.

Master Attendant to keep register of licensed boatmen; particulars to be entered therein and shall issue licence to boatmen.

5. It shall be the duty of the Master Attendant to register in a book to be kept for that purpose, and to be called ” the Register of Licensed Boatmen”, in numerical order, the name, description, and such other particulars as may be necessary for identification, of every person applying to be licensed to be employed as a boatman, and he shall thereupon issue to such person a licence to be employed as aforesaid, which licence shall bear the registered number of the applicant, and shall be in the form in the Schedule, and shall be in force for such time as shall be mentioned therein, and the date of such licence, together with the period for which it shall be granted, shall be registered in “the Register of Licensed Boatmen “:

May refuse to issue licence.

Provided, however, that the Master May refuse to Attendant may, for good cause, refuse to issue licence. issue a licence to any person applying therefor, and may from time to time renew any licence which may have expired, and such refusal or renewal shall be duly registered in the register.

Provision for lost badges.

6. The Master Attendant shall cause be delivered to each licensed boatman a to badge of uniform pattern, bearing thereon the number of his licence, the cost of which shall be paid by the person to whom the same is delivered, and it shall be the duty of every licensed boatman, when acting as such, to wear such badge conspicuously exposed upon his person; and in case the Provision for owner of such badge shall at any time satisfy the Master Attendant that such badge has been lost or destroyed it shall be lawful for the Master Attendant to cause another badge to be delivered to such boatman upon his paying the cost thereof.