An Ordinance to enable Regulations to be made for the purpose op giving effect to any convention for Facilitating the International Circulation of Motor Cars.
Ordinance Nos,
25 of 1932
26 of 1935
[25th October
, 1932
Short title.

1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Motor Car (Convention) Ordinance.

Power to make regulations for carrying out conventions as to international circulation of motor cars.


(1) For the purpose of giving effect to any convention for facilitating the international circulation of motor cars the Minister1 may make regulations-

(a) providing for the grant and authentication of any driving passes, certificates, fiscal permits, or authorities which may ,be of use to persons resident in Ceylon when temporarily taking their motor cars abroad, or to drivers when proceeding abroad for the purpose of driving motor cars, and providing for the examination of such motor cars and drivers for the purpose of granting such passes, certificates, fiscal permits, or authorities;

(b) prescribing the forms to be used and the fees to be paid for the purposes specified in paragraph (a) and for all purposes connected therewith or incidental thereto ;

(c) prescribing the manner in which fees imposed under this Ordinance may be recovered ;

(d) prescribing the person or the officer who, or the association which, shall grant or authenticate the passes, certificates, authorities, or other documents issued under this Ordinance;

(e) modifying the provisions of the Motor Traffic Act, relating to the weight, dimensions, equipment, registration, or licensing of motor cars brought temporarily into Ceylon by persons resident abroad and intending to make only a temporary stay in Ceylon, and the granting of driving licences or temporary driving licences, to the drivers of such cars and to drivers entering Ceylon for the purpose of driving such cars ; and

(f) exempting all or any of such motor cars as are mentioned in paragraph (e) from the licence duty payable under the Motor Traffic Act, whether for a specified period or otherwise.

(2) No regulation made under this section shall have effect unless it has been approved by the Senate and the House of Representatives.1 Notification of such approval shall be published in the Gazette and no regulation shall come into operation until the date of the publication of such notification.

(3) Any modifications of the Motor Traffic Act made by regulation under this section shall have effect as if they were contained in that Act.

Chapter 204 ,