[Certified on 23rd August, 2011]
Printed on the Order of Government
Published as a Supplement to Part II of the Gazette of the Democratic
Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka of August 26, 2011
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Olagangala Maha Sudarshana Paropakari 1
Foundation (Incorporation) Act, No. 37 of 2011
[Certified on 23rd August, 2011]
L.D.—O. (INC.) 13/2007.
WHEREAS a foundation called and known as the Preamble.
“Olagangala Maha Sudarshana Paropakari Foundation” has
heretofore been established in Sri Lanka for the purpose of
effectually carrying out and transacting all objects and matters
connected with the said Foundation according to the rules
agreed to by its members:
AND WHEREAS the said Foundation has heretofore
successfully carried out and transacted the several objects
for which it was established and has applied to be
incorporated and it will be for the public advantage to grant
the application:
BE it therefore enacted by the Parliament of the Democratic
Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka as follows:—
1. This Act may be cited as the Olagangala Maha Short title.
Sudarshana Paropakari Foundation (Incorporation) Act,
No. 37 of 2011.
2. From and after the date of commencement of this Act, Incorporation of
such and so many persons as now are members of the the Olagangala
“Olagangala Maha Sudarshana Paropakari Foundation” Sudarshana
(hereinafter referred to as the “Foundation”) or shall hereafter Paropakari
be admitted as members of the Corporation hereby constituted, Foundation.
shall be a body corporate (hereinafter referred to as the
“Corporation”) with perpetual succession, under the name
and style of “Olagangala Maha Sudarshana Paropakari
Foundation” and by that name may sue and be sued with full
power and authority to have and use a common seal and to
alter the same at its pleasure.
2—PL 005277—3090 (10/2010)
2 Olagangala Maha Sudarshana Paropakari
Foundation (Incorporation) Act, No. 37 of 2011
General objects 3. The general objects for which the Corporation is
of the constituted are hereby declared to be—
(a) to promote and foster practices and moral values
needed for the spiritual development of the
adherents of the Buddhist faith;
(b) to minimize the tension experienced by Buddhist
by practicing the teachings of Buddha for relieving
the mental and emotional stress faced by them and
thereby guiding them to a quiet life style;
(c) to rescue the adherents of the Buddhist faith from
petty controversies by developing co-operation and
co-existence so that a wider representation is
achieved in the community through the
understanding of the human nature obtained from
Buddhist teachings by persons of whatever age limit,
whether young or old;
(d) to make the Buddhist family and society a self
sufficient unit after identifying the social
individuality that could bring about a disciplined
society free of caste or religious differences;
(e) to raise through the forest dwelling sect a Bhikku
Society well versed in Tripitaka Dhamma suitable
in implementing programmes for the dissemination
of Dhamma centred on the villages of Sri Lanka and
to ensure achievement of the above objects through
(f) to develop Dhamma Research Institutes containing
Tripitaka Dhamma Books and Buddhist literature
for the benefit of the learned, both lay and clergy in
Sri Lanka, and to direct them to use the natural
environment with existing caves for the practice of
mindful meditation while providing them the
necessary facilities;
Olagangala Maha Sudarshana Paropakari 3
Foundation (Incorporation) Act, No. 37 of 2011
(g) to provide maximum contribution for the personality
development of the Buddhist children faced with
poverty by donating financial and material
allocations for their physical and mental
(h) to provide modern theoretical and practical
knowledge for those who need it in order to maintain
agricultural and economic strategies productively;
(i) to develop physical and human resources needed to
guide Buddhist school children to get advise and
extra assistance from professionals in the field of
education in facing public examinations while at
the same time increasing their literacy rate;
(j) to assist the Buddhist youth interested in pursuing
self-employment livelihoods to manage their
family economics better by providing them with
vocational training and physical and financial
resources needed in this regard;
(k) to act in co-operation with local and foreign
institutions having aims and objectives similar to
those of the above corporation, and to exchange
resources and to act jointly with those institutions,
whenever necessary;
(l) to print and publish books, magazines, bulletins,
newspapers and periodicals needed for the
accomplishment of the objectives of the corporation
and to distribute these as required;
(m) to extend full sponsorship to conduct, in Sri Lanka
or overseas, seminars, discussions, workshops and
group educational activities for the promotion of
physical, mental, social, ethical and intellectual
development activities necessary to lead a perfect
4 Olagangala Maha Sudarshana Paropakari
Foundation (Incorporation) Act, No. 37 of 2011
(n) to conduct Buddhist religious practices with the
participation of patients undergoing treatment at
hospitals and other similar institutions thereby
giving them physical and mental relief and to
volunteer to render any service necessary for their
well being;
(o) to intervene instantly to restore the pysical and
mental stability of adherents of the Buddhist faith
facing various calamities including natural disasters
and to actively participate in whatever measure
needed to restore them to normalcy;
(p) to promote personal independence by developing
attitudes and skills needed for a stronger,
determined and targeted community life by directing
attention towards the use of identified potentials
of human beings for social and individual
development; and
(q) to organise the welfare activities and provide
facilities for the upliftment of families of the
deceased soldiers who are adherents of the Buddhist
Management of 4. (1) The Management of the affairs of the Corporation
the affairs of the shall, subject to the other provisions of this Act and the rules
of the Corporation made under section 6, be administered by
a Governing Body consisting of the residential Chief
Incumbent of the Olagangala Maha Sudarshana Aranya
Senasanaya and the President, the Secretary, the Treasurer,
the Assistant Secretary, the Vice President and seven
Committee members who shall be elected at the general
meeting by a majority of not less than two thirds of the
members present and voting.
(2) The first Governing Body of the Corporation shall
consist of the members of the Governing body of the
Foundation, holding office on the day preceding the date of
commencement of this Act.
Olagangala Maha Sudarshana Paropakari 5
Foundation (Incorporation) Act, No. 37 of 2011
5. Subject to the provisions of this Act, and any other Powers of the
written law, the Corporation shall have the power— Corporation to
acquire property,
invest funds and
(a) to purchase, acquire, rent, construct and otherwise raise loans, etc.
obtain lands or buildings which may be required for
the purposes of the Corporation;
(b) to borrow or raise money from Government
approved Banks and other institutions (foreign and
local) for the purposes of the Corporation with the
approval of the governing body;
(c) to make, draw, accept, discount, endorse, negotiate,
buy, sell and issue bills of exchange, cheques,
promissory notes and other negotiable instruments
and to open, operate, maintain and close bank
(d) to invest any funds not immediately required for
the purposes of the Corporation, in such a manner
as the Governing body may think fit;
(e) to solicit and receive subscription, grants, donations
and gifts of all kinds;
(f) to enter into agreements or contracts with any person,
company or body of persons;
(g) to undertake, accept, execute, perform and
administer the lawful trusts and conditions affecting
any real or personal property;
(h) to appoint, employ, dismiss or terminate the services
of officers and servants of the Corporation and to
pay them such salaries, allowances and gratuities as
may be determined by the Corporation; and
(i) to train personnel in Sri Lanka or abroad for the
purpose of the Corporation.
6 Olagangala Maha Sudarshana Paropakari
Foundation (Incorporation) Act, No. 37 of 2011
Rules of the 6. (1) It shall be lawful for the Corporation, from time to
Corporation. time, at any general meeting and by a majority of not less
than two-thirds of the members present and voting to make
rules not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act or other
written law, for all or any of the following matters:—
(a) classification of membership, their admission,
withdrawal, expulsion or resignation;
(b) election of the Governing Body or vacation of, or
removal from office as office-bearers and powers,
duties and conduct of the governing body;
(c) appointment, dismissal, powers, duties, functions
and conduct of the various officers, agents and
servants of the Corporation;
(d) the procedure to be observed at and the summoning
and holding of meetings of the Governing Body,
the Corporation or any sub-committee thereof,
filling of vacancies, notices and agenda of such
meetings, the quorum therefore and the conduct of
business thereat;
(e) the qualifications and disqualifications for
membership in the Governing Body and the
Corporation; and
(f) the administration and management of the property
of the Corporation and the accomplishment of the
objects of the Corporation.
(2) The rules made by the Corporation may be amended,
altered, added to, or rescineded at a like meeting and in like
manner, as a rule made under subsection (1) of this section.
(3) The members of the Corporation shall be subject to the
rules of the Corporation.
Olagangala Maha Sudarshana Paropakari 7
Foundation (Incorporation) Act, No. 37 of 2011
7. The Corporation shall have its own fund and all Fund of the
moneys received by way of gift, bequest, donation, Corporation.
subscription, contribution, fees or grants for and on account
of the Corporation shall be deposited in the name of the
Corporation in one or more banks approved by the Governing
8. All debts and liabilities of the Foundation existing Debts due by
and payable to
on the day immediately preceding the date of commencement
the Foundation.
of this Act, shall be paid and discharged by the Corporation
hereby constituted and all debts due to, and subscriptions
and contributions payable to the Foundation on such day
shall be paid to the Corporation for the purposes of this Act.
9. (1) The Governing Body of the Corporation shall Accounts and
cause proper books of accounts to be kept of the income and Audit.
expenditure, assets and liabilities and all other transactions
of the Corporation.
(2) The Accounts of the Corporation shall be audited and
certified by a qualified auditor.
(3) The financial year of the Corporation shall be the
calendar year.
(4) In this section, “qualified auditor ” means —
(i) an individual who being a member of the Institute
of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka or of any
other institute established by law, possesses a
certificate to practice as an Accountant issued by
the Council of such institute ; or
(ii) a firm of Accountants each of the resident partners
of which, being a member of the Institute of
Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka or of any other
institute established by law, possesses a certificate
to practice as an Accountant issued by the Council
of such institute.
8 Olagangala Maha Sudarshana Paropakari
Foundation (Incorporation) Act, No. 37 of 2011
Property 10. If upon the dissolution of the Corporation there
remaining on remains after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities,
any property whatsoever, such property shall not be
distributed among the members of the Corporation, but shall
be given or transferred to some other institution or institutions
having objects similar to those of the Corporation and which
is, or are, by its rules prohibited from distributing any income
or property among its members.
Seal of the 11. The seal of the Corporation shall not be affixed to
Corporation. any instrument whatsoever except in the presence of
the Secretary, the President and Treasurer who shall sign their
names on the instrument in token of their presence and
such signing shall be independent of the signing of any person
as a witness.
Savings of the 12. Nothing contained in this Act shall prejudice or
rights of the affect the rights of the Republic, or of any body politic or
Republic and
Sinhala text to 13. In the event of any inconsistency between the
prevail in case of Sinhala and Tamil texts of this Act, the Sinhala text shall

Olagangala Maha Sudarshana Paropakari 9
Foundation (Incorporation) Act, No. 37 of 2011
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