Ceylon (Constitution) Amendment

Ceylon (Constitution) Amendment


BE it enacted by the Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate and the House of Representatives of Ceylon in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows: –
Short title.
1.This Act may be cited as the Ceylon (Constitution)Amendment Act, No 29 of 1970.
Extension of term of office of certain Village Councils. Cap. 257.
2. Section 13 of the Ceylon (Constitution) Order in Council,1946,is hereby amended as follows :

(1) in sub-section(3) thereof

(a) by the substitution for paragraph (b),of the following paragraph :

“(b)if he is

(i) a judicial officer; or
(ii)the Auditor General; or
(iii)the Commissioner of Parliamentary Elections; or
(iv)a member of the Armed Forces; or
(v)a police officer; or
(vi)a peace officer exercising police functions under the Criminal Procedure Code; or
(vii)a public officer in any Government Department holding any office the initial of the salary scale of which is not less than Rs.6,720 per annum; or
(viii)an officer in any Government Corporation holding any office the initial of the salary scale of which is not less than Rs.7,200 per annum; or ” ;and
(b) in paragraph (c), by the substitution for the words ” Crown in the Island; “, of the following:
” Crown in the Island:
Provided however that no public officer shall be deemed to be disqualified under this paragraph by reason only of his service under the Government; ” ; and
(2) by the addition at the end thereof, of the following new sub-section:

‘ (6) For the purposes of sub-section (3) of this section:

(a) ” Armed Forces ” means the Ceylon Army, the Royal Ceylon Navy and the Royal Ceylon Air Force;
(b) ” police officer ” means a member of the police force established under the Police Ordinance; and
(c) ” Government Corporation ” means a corporation the capital of which is wholly or partly subscribed by the Government.’.