The jurat of the affidavit was worded as follows:

Sri Lanka Law Reports
12004} 1 Sri L.R
It is therefore apparent that the affidavit of the appellants do notcomply with the requirements of section 168 of the Civil ProcedureCode which states that “witnesses not professing to be Christians orJews shall be examined on affirmation”. The same rule shall apply tothe affidavit. In Clifford Ratwatte v Thilange Sumathipala & othersW itwas held:
‘The defendant states that he is a Christian and make oath. Thejurat clause at the end of the affidavit states that the deponenthas affirmed. The affidavit is defective”.
I think the same principle in reverse would apply to the affidavit ofthe appellants in the instant case.
For the aforementioned reasons, I do not propose to interfere withthe order of the learned Additional District Judge of Colombo dated24.04.1996. The appeal will stand dismissed with costs fixed at Rs.5000/-.
DISSANAYAKE, J. – I agree.
Appeal dismissed.