SILVA, J.—Martin v. Kandy Police
I have examined the cases of Brierly v. Phillips and Brierly v. Brear 1but I cannot say that they are very helpful in deciding the questionat issue before us. Nor do I think that the other case cited, Cooke v.the Governor and Company of the New River 2, has any application to theimmediate question involved. Further, the employment of decoysbeing a course resorted to in many countries for the detection of offencessuch as the one before us, the inability of counsel to cite in his favour acase where a similar point has been considered is also a factor that makesme feel that the point raised in this case is without substance.
For all the aforesaid reasons the appellant’s contention fails and theappeal is therefore dismissed.
Appeal dismissed.
1 (1947) 1 K. B. 541.
(1889) 14 A. O. 698.