Sri Lanka Law Reports
(1980) 2 Sri L.R.
the result Paripooranam must be declared the sole heir of Velupillaiand the land described in the deed P1 devolves solely on her.
It should also be added that on the very day that the deed P1 wasexecuted there was also executed the deed D3 whereby Velupillaidonated to Kailasapillai a portion of the family estate. What thedefendants who are the heirs of Kailasapillai are now trying to do is todeprive Paripooranam’s heirs of their legitimate interests whileholding on to the interests which Kailasapillai received. The claim ofthe defendants is therefore neither just nor legal. In the result theplaintiffs must be declared entitled to the land in suit. We see noground to interfere with the findings of the learned District Judge. Hisjudgment is affirmed and this appeal is dismissed with costs.
RODRIGO, J. -1 agree.
Appeal dismissed.