Medical (Amendment)

Medical (Amendment)

BE it enacted by the Parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka as follows:-

[28th November
, 1997
Short title.

1. This Act may be cited as the Medical (Amendment) Act, No. 31 of 1997.

Amendment of section 67A of Chapter 105.

2. Section 67A of the Medical Ordinance (Chapter 105) is hereby amended as follows:”

(a) by the substitution, for the words “for the period of his temporary residence in Sri Lanka, if he”, of the words “for a period not exceeding twelve months from the date of registration, if-“;

(b) in paragraph (a) of that section by the substitution, for the words “is possessed”, of the words ” he is possessed”; and

(c) by the repeal of paragraph (b) of that section and the substitution therefor, of the following new paragraph:”

“(b) his application for registration is recommended by the Secretary to the Ministry of the Minister, the Director General of Health Services or by a dean of a faculty of Medicine of a University established, or deemed to have been established, under the Universities Act, No. 16 of 1978”,

Sinhala text to prevail in case of inconsistency.

3. In the event of any inconsistency between the Sinhala and Tamil texts of this Act, the Sinhala text shall prevail.