Metric units (Consequential Provisions)

Metric units (Consequential Provisions)

BE it enacted by the Parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka as follows:-

[10th February
, 1983
Short title.

1. This Act may be cited as the Metric Units (Consequential Provisions) (Amendment) Act, No. 10 of 1983.

Replacement of Schedule to Law No. 40 of 1978.

2. The Schedule to the Metric Units (Consequential Provisions) Law,No.40 of 1978, is hereby repealed and the following Schedule substituted therefor:-

(a) by the renumbering of that section as subsection (1) of that section; and

(b) by the insertion after the renumbered subsection (1) of that section, the following subsection:”

” (2) Every duty altered or imposed on the basis of any measurement unit under the proviso to subsection (1), shall be according to the International System of Units as defined in section 5 of the Weights and Measures Ordinance. “.

Replacement of section 17 of the principal enactment

[§2, 10 of 1983]

3. Section 17 of the principal enactment is hereby repealed and the following section substituted therefor:”

” Duties to be paid in Sri Lanka currency according to units of measurements for Sri Lanka. Produce of customs duties to be paid in to the Treasury, & c.

17. All duties of customs as well as all penalties under the Ordinance, shall be paid and received in the several descriptions of money herein enumerated, and at the rates of exchange specified namely, in British gold or silver money, or in such other description of money and at such rate of exchange as may from time to time be determined by the Minister and according to the units of measurements for Sri Lanka; and in all cases, when such duties are imposed and allowed according to any specific quantity or any specific value, the same shall be deemed to apply in the same proportion to any greater or less quantity of value; and the produce of all duties of customs shall be paid by the Collector into the hands of the Deputy Secretary to the Treasury or to the sub- accountants of Sri Lanka in such manner and at such periods as may be specified by the Minister. “.