Municipal Councils (Amendment) Law

Municipal Councils (Amendment) Law


BE it enacted by the National State Assembly of the Republic of Sri Lanka as follows: –
Short title.
1. This Law may be cited as the Municipal Councils (Amendment) Law, No. 8 of 1974.
Amendment of section 277 of Chapter 252.
2. Section 277 of the Municipal Councils Ordinance is hereby amended as follows: –

(1) in subsection (2) of that section, by the substitution for paragraph (a) thereof, of the following paragraph: – ”

(a) the President may appoint for a stated period or from time to time a Special Commissioner or Special Commissioners to have, exercise, perform and discharge such of the rights, privileges, powers, duties and functions conferred or imposed upon, or vested in, the Council or the Mayor by this Ordinance or other written law as may be set forth in such Order, or in any Order or Orders amending the same; or”; and
(2) by the substitution for subsection (3a) of that section of the following subsection: –

” (3A) At any time after the dissolution of the Council and after the appointment of a Special Commissioner or Special Commissioners under subsection (2), the Minister may by Order published in the Gazette direct that a new Municipal Council in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance shall be constituted for the Municipality in place of the dissolved Council.”.