Ordinance Nos,
38 of 1946
[28th August
, 1946
Short title.

1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Muslim Hospital Association Ordinance.

Incorporation of the Muslim Hospital Association.

2. With effect from the date on which this Ordinance comes into operation, the persons who for the time being are the members of the Muslim Hospital Association are hereby constituted and established a body corporate with perpetual succession under the name of the Muslim Hospital Association (hereinafter referred to as the ” association “) and by such name shall and may sue and be sued in all courts in Sri Lanka and may have and use a common seal and alter the same at their pleasure.

General objects of the association.

3. The general objects for which the association is constituted are hereby declared to be-

(1) to maintain the Muslim Hospital in Colombo,

(2) to establish, maintain and support maternity homes in Sri Lanka wherever they are needed ; and

(3) to do everything that may be required to promote the health of Muslims in Sri Lanka.

Board of directors.


(1) The affairs of the association shall, subject to the rules for the time being in force under this Ordinance, be administered by a board of directors (hereinafter referred to as ” the board m) consisting of not less than twenty-four and not more than forty members.

(2) The first board of directors under this Ordinance shall consist of the members of the association whose names are enumerated in Schedule I*. (*Schedule omitted – Private enactment.)

(3) The tenure of office of, and the election of successors to, the board or any individual director shall be in accordance with the rules for the time being in force under this Ordinance.

Power to hold property.

5. The association shall be able and capable in law-

(a) to acquire at any time hereafter any property, movable or immovable, whether by purchase, gift, devise or legacy;

(b) to invest the funds of the association;

(c) to erect any buildings on any land vested in or acquired or held by the association; and

(d) to sell, grant, convey, assign or otherwise dispose of any of its properties.



(1) The rules set out in Schedule IP shall for all purposes be deemed to be the rules of the association in force at the date on which the Ordinance comes into operation.

(2) The assocation shall have power at all times hereafter to make new rules whether in addition to or in substitution for the rules set out in Schedule II*, and to amend or add to or rescind any of the rules set out in Schedule II* or any new rule so made; and the rules in force under this Ordinance at any time shall be the rules as so added to, replaced or amended up to that time.

Debts and liabilities.

7. All debts, liabilities and obligations, which at the date on which this Ordinance comes into operation are due to be paid, fulfilled or performed by the Muslim Hospital Association, shall be paid, fulfilled or performed by, and all debts, subscriptions and contributions which at that date are due or payable to that association shall be paid to, the association incorporated by this Ordinance.

Decision of disputes, & ,c,

8. Except so far as is provided in this Ordinance or in any rules for the time being in force thereunder any dispute or doubt as to any matter or question affecting or relating to the principles or policy of the association, shall be referred to the board whose decision thereon shall be final.

Saving of the rights of the Republic and other rights.

9. Nothing in this Ordinance contained shall prejudice or affect the rights of the Republic, or of any body politic or corporate, or of any other person, except such as are mentioned in this Ordinance and those claiming by, from, or under them.

Chapter 501