"The judgment shall contain a concise statement of the case,the points for determination, the decision thereon, and the reasonsfor such decision; and the opinions of the assessors (if any) shall 70be prefixed to the judgment and signed by such assessorsrespectively."
The points for determination and the decision thereon needsto be embodied in the Judgment, which should refer to the reasonsfor such decision. I am inclined to follow the decision on requisitesof Judgment reported in Lucyhamy’s CaseM and Warnakula vRamani Jayawardene@).
The Court is not inclined to deviate from the usual and normalpractice of answering the issues or points of contest.
In the circumstances there is no need to examine the merits of sothis case in the absence of mandatory requirements which have notbe complied with by the Original Court. Therefore I set aside theJudgment of the learned District Judge and send the case the backfor trial de novo. Subject to this direction this appeal is allowed withcost.
EKANAYAKE, J. – I agree.
Appeal allowed.
Trial de novo ordered.