Ragunathan v. Jayawardene, Secretary. Minister ofTransport and Highways and Others (Amerasinghe, J.)
the Constitution does not preclude the imposition of qualifyingexaminations, selective tests and other criteria for selecting orpromoting public officers to assure efficiency. The distinctionbetween those qualified for promotion and those who were not wastherefore founded upon an intelligible differentia. It was rational. Thescheme of promotion was not arbitrary or artificial or evasive in itsformulation or relation to its purpose or in its application. In thecircumstances, I am unable to hold that there has been a violation ofArticle 12 of the Constitution in this matter by the appointment of thethird respondent in preference to the petitioner. For the reasonsexplained the petitioner had no right in the circumstances of this caseto be treated equally in relation to the third respondent. The petition istherefore dismissed.
An enormous volume of documentation has been filed in thismatter evidencing long-standing and continuing dissatisfaction onthe part of the petitioner with a variety of matters but wholly irrelevantto these proceedings. The time of this Court has been wasted bycompelling us to consider them.
The petitioner is ordered to pay Rs. 1000 as costs.
Petition dismissed.