( )
July 8.
Bon see, C.J.
for the granting of the application. She has not satisfied theSupreme Court that she was prevented by causes beyond hercontrol from complying with the rules in respect of security.
And it seems to me that she has also not complied with theBecond of the conditions, namely, that she had good ground forappealing. The question in this action has reference to certainpayments which she alleged she had made to the plaintiff and hisclerk, and which the plaintiff and his clerk denied were made.There was great'conflict of evidence in this matter, and the judge■ took a strong .view of the case 'and said that he had no hesitationin. disbelieving the defendant and her son, and that he was ofopinion that the defendant and her son had conspired together todefraud the plaintiff. I listened attentively to what Mr. Schneider■had to say, and he certainly did not satisfy me that the petitioner-had good ground for appealing. The application will be dis-allowed.
– Moncreiff, J„—Concurred.