Provincial Councils Notifications


Rules and Regulations of Transport Authority of North Central Province




I hereby publish the rules and regulations made under the Establishment of North Central Province Provincial Transport Authority Statute No. 8 of 1994 and passed by the North Central Provincial Council on 08th February, 2000 for information of all.
W. Guruge, Secretary, North Central Provincial Council.



(i) These rules will be named as The rules pertaining to the statute No. 8 of 1994 of the public transport services Rules of the North Central Provincial Council, and will be effective from the date it published in the Government Gazette.


This will lift the rules laid by the special Gazette notification No. 727/13 of 1992.08.14 published by the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka on the Transport of passengers by buses within The North Central Provincial Council 1992. No. 2.



(i) Nobody would be allowed to use a bus to transport passengers without a valid permit, from the North Central Provincial Passengers Transport Authority within the authorized limits of North Central Provincial Council.
(ii) The rules laid down by 2.1 in not applicable to buses transporting passengers with the permit issued by the National Transport Commission.


3. Permit will be issued to organizations and registered owners of buses to transport passengers excluding provincial council local government institution or corporation and companies with shares held by government, provincial councils. Still peoplised transport companies should obtain a permit for their buses.


4. All applicants for obtaining a license or for a renewal of a permit should be submitted (by The registered owner or by the authorized officer if it is a company) within one month of the date of registration as a public transport bus. Using the appropriate form (SCHEDULE 1) following documents and payments should be submitted with the same.


Chapter 10.
4 . 1 Registration of the bus or the certificate issued by the Commissioner of Motor Traffic giving details of registration and a photocopy of the certificate.
4 . 2 Original Certificate of Fitness of the bus and a photocopy.
4 . 3 Insurance Certificate with fully and unlimited cover for passengers and the third party.
Chapter 6 (1) E(3)
4 . 4 Medical Certificate regarding the driver and a photocopy.
8.2 Chapter 19
4 . 5 If the application is for the renewal of a permit, the Original of the Permit Book and the Label.
Chapter 19
4 . 6 The fee decided by the authority in cash.
Application form
4 . 7 The application for the permit should be submitted By the shedule 1 of form “A”
Chapter 13 (2) A
4 . 8 Application form should be in the form of Schedule II, form “B”.
Permit 6 (l)E(l)
4 . 9 Permit label (windscreen label) should be in schedule 3 of the form “C”.
Chapter 13(1)
4 : 10 The fee ordered by the authority should be as Schedule 4.


Condition for Permit
5. Following conditions should be applicable for permits;


Chapter 17
5 . 1 The permit is not transferable.
Chapter 14 (B)
5 . 2 The permit is valid only for the bus and the route indicated.
13 (2) (A)
5 . 3 Unless mentioned otherwise the permit is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issue.
Chapter 23
5 . 4 The original of the permit and the label should be carried in the bus by the driver.
Chapter 23
5 . 5 Photostat copy of the label should be exhibited on the left hand corner of the windscreen.


Service Charge Levied by the Authority Chapter 6 (DA
6. Service charge levied by the authority should be paid by the owner of the bus before the beginning of the month for which the service charge is due.


Running Chart
7. Once the service charge are paid the authority will issue a valid running chart.


Chapter 6 (1) E (2)
7.1 A log paper issued by the authority should be kept with the driver of the bus and should be endorsed by the main time keeper indicating the time of departure and arrival.
Chapter 6 (1)E (4)
7 .2 At the end of each day the driver should hand over the log sheet to the owner. Who should hand do over to the authority at the end of the month.


Chapter 14 (C) Condition for the Holder of Permit


8. 1 the owner should see that bus employees- Keep the bus in good mechanical and running condition, It should be well maintained and kept clean.
Chapter 14 (C)
8. 2 The bus should have the valid firness certificate.

8. 3 The follwing should be exhibited very clearly in the bus

(a) Authorized Service Route No.
(b) When running the destination should be exhibited in the front and the rear of the bus in Sinhala, Tamil and English.
(c) The approved passengers that the bus can carry the number should be indicated inside the bus.
(d) The approved time table by the authority.
(e) The approved fee table by the authority.
(f) No smoking sign.
(g) Two seats each should be reserved for “Clergy”, “disabled person” “pregnant mothers” near the exit or the entrance to the bus and should be clearly visible near the seats as “Reserved for the clergy” “Reserved for the disabled persons” etc……
8 .4 Those who does not abide by these orders will not be allowed to enter any bus stand maintained or run by this authority.


9. By the owner. –


Chapter 14 (A)
9 . 1 The permit holder should operate the bus according to the approved time table. The bus should not operate changing times of the trips given in the time table or there should not be any reduction in the number of trips of the bus.
Chapter 6(1) E(6)
9 . 2 You should allow any authorized officer to check the bus, and all documents and registers pertaining to the bus at any time.
Chapter 16
9 . 3 Any accident to the bus should be notified to the authority within 7 days.
Chapter 16
9 . 4 If the bus doesn’t operate for more than 7 days continuously the owner should notify the same to the authority, the route permit, running chart and the label should be handed over to the relevant authority.
Chapter 16
9 . 5 Should agree to operate the bus from common bus stands, inter connecting the route with other buses when ordered by the authority.
Chapter 6 (1)E (5) Holder of a Passenger Transport Permit
9 . 6 Register should be maintained indicating the hours of work of the driver and the conductor. Hours of work and the free time should be according to the labour laws.
Chapter 6 (1)E (6)
9 .7 All documents and registers that should be maintained as ordered by the authority should be produced when requested.
Chapter 16 Uniform
9 . 8 As ordered by the authority drivers and conductors should be provided with uniform.
Chapter 16 Tickets
9 . 9 Should supply tickets mentioning the registered No Fare, owner’s name, address or the specific tickets issued by the authority or “Way Bills”. The owner can arrange his own ways of issuing monthly or quarterly seasons tickets with the approval of the authority.
Chapter 16
9. 10 The registered No. of the bus should be painted on top of the windscreen.
Chapter 16
9.11 A bell should be fixed to the bus.
Chapter 18
9. 12 If any change occurs in the particulars supplied in the application for the permit. It should be notified to the authority within 30 days.
Chapter 16
9. 13 The penalties for offences committed should be paid within the time limits.
Chapter 16
9. 14 Arrangements should be made to pay compensation that should be paid to employees, passengers and dependents at a time of a accident.
Chapter 16
9. 15 The bus should be in operation at least 21 days of the month.


10. by the permit owner –


Chapter 6 (1) E
10. 1 The approved service should be supplied by the bus mentioned in the route permit but not by any other bus.
Chapter 6 (1)E
10.2 Except at the time of a running repair or a service, the bus should not stop operation I with out informing the authority.
Chapter 6 (1) E
10.3 Without the approval of the authority the bus should not be used for special hires, or welfare hires.
Chapter 6 (1)E
10.4 No. of seats or the pattern in which the seats are fixed should not be changed without the prior approval of the commissioner of Motor Transport.
Chapter 6 (1)E
10.5 If the bus meets with a fatal accident it should not run after repairs unless a certificate of 7 :ss is issued by a approved garage of the authority. (The original of the fitness certifcate with a Photostat copy should be forwarded to the authority.)
Chapter 6 (1) E
10.6 Smoking should be prohibited to all passengers, including the driver, conductor and inspectors.
Chapter 6 (1) E

10.7 After a major or a fatal accident, it should be certified that the driver is in good health before re-employing him.

(a) “Major accidents” means, that the damage to the properly exceeds Rs. 10,000 or any injured person due to the accident is hospitalized for more than 7 days.
(b) “Fatal accidents” means any person dies directly due to the accident.


Chapter 16 Responsibility of the Driver.


(A) For Drivers : – . .

(i) He should carry the following documents in the bus :-

(a) Revenue license of the current year.
(b) The valid running chart issued by the authority.
(c) An unlimited and fully covered Insurance certificate covering all passengers and the third party.
(d) Route permit issued by the authority.
(e) Driving license.
(f) Medical certificate issued to the driver by a registered medical practitioner.
(g) A fitness cetificate issued by a authorized garage / Engineer.
(ii) He should take all passengers safety and confortabl
(iii) The bus should stop at all approved bus halts when ever there are vacant seats for people to get in and passengers should be allowed to alight at any but halt according to their wish.
(iv) Should be well beahaved, and must be very pleasant to the passengers and to the officers.
(v) Should operate the bus according to the time table.
(vi) Only approved destination boards should be kept in the bus.

(B) By the Drivers of the Bus :-

(i) Should not drive the bus under the influence liquor.
(ii) Should not stop the bus at unauthorized places. Specially at crowded places, junctions or round abouts for people to get in or alight from the bus.
(iii) Should not drive the bus dangerously or carelessly.

(iv) Bus with the route permit should not –

(a) Chase after vehicles.
(b) Delay unnecessarily.
(c) Keep stopped on the way.
(d) Start before the scheduled time.
(e) Stop only at but-halts and not at any other places.
(v) Should not allow passengers to travel on the footboard.
(vi) Should not smoke while on duty.


Chapter 16 Responsibility of the Conductor.


(A) By the conductor of the Bus :-

(i) Should carry the conductors certificate.
(ii) Every Passenger should be issued with a proper ticket, according to the approved rate tabl which are Serially numbered.
(iii) If the bus ceases to reach the destination due to an accident, mechanical fault of the bus or due to the negligence of the dirver or the conductor full fare charged should be returned to the passenger.
(iv) Should request any passenger seated in the seats reserved for Clergy, Disabled person, or for Pregnant mothers to vacate when necessary.

(B) By the Conductor of the Bus :-

(i) Should not be under the influence of liquor, smelling of liquor or under the influence or anddrug.
(ii) Should not smoke while on duty.
(iii) Should not allow any passenger in the bus to smoke.
(iv) Should not charge any thing excess of the specified fee from a passenger.
(v) Should not allow any passenger to travel in either of the footboards.
(vi) Should not allow anyone to keep baggage so that it obstructs the passengers.


13. By the Passengers :-

(a) The seat reserved for “Clergy”, “Pregnant mother” /’Disabled person” shouldbegivenwhenthe necessity rises.
(b) You should obtain a ticket for the fee paid before passing the next section, when travelling semi luxury or in full luxury buses the ticket should be obtained before passing the town limit and should be issued.
(c) Should retain the ticket till the end of the journey.
(d) You should produce the ticket when requested by the conductor or any officer of the authority.


Chapter 33 Penalties.
14. Penalties will be imposed on persons who does not obey these orders, according to the schedule 5 Refusal to pay penalty will be subject to cancellation of the permit by the authority.


Authority of conciliation the permit.
15. Disobeying orders given in this notice or disobeying conditions given by this notice is liable for the cancellation of the permit.


Definition of Chapter 20.
16. Explaining of the terms given by authority it is meant the North Central Provincial Transport Authority of the North Central Provincial Council. By the “Permit” it is meant the permit issued under Establishment of Transport Authority Statute No. 08 of 1994, of NorthCentral Provincial Council.


By the “Chairman” it is meant the Chairman of the Transport Authority of the NorthCentral Provincial Authority. By “Bus” it is meant a bus or any other vehicle which would transportpassengers with the approval.