Ordinance Nos,
1 of 1906
2 of 1928
[15th February
, 1906
Short title.

1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Supreme Court (Vacation) Ordinance.


2. In this Ordinance the term ” public holidays ” shall mean the days declared to be public holidays by the Holidays Ordinance, and the days which shall be appointed to be observed as public holidays under section 7 of that Ordinance.

Vacations in the Supreme Court.

3. The following vacations, to be called respectively the Christmas vacation, the Easter vacation, and the August vacation, shall be observed in each year in the Supreme Court.

Duration of vacation.


(1) The Christmas vacation shall commence on the twenty-second day of December and terminate on the twelfth day of the next following January:

Provided that if the thirteenth is a Thursday and the day following is a public holiday, or if the thirteenth is a Friday, then the Christmas vacation shall terminate on the Saturday next following.

(2) The Easter vacation shall commence on Maundy Thursday and shall continue for twenty-three days.

(3) The August vacation shall commence on such day in August as the Chief Justice shall appoint in each year for the purpose and shall continue for twelve days.

(4) The days of the commencement and termination of each vacation shall be included in such vacation.

Opening of Supreme Court and Registry.

5. The Supreme Court and the Registry and offices of the court shall be open during vacation for the purpose of holding the criminal sessions of the court and the transaction of all business incidental thereto, and also for the purpose of transacting business under the next following section.

Hearing in vacation of certain matters.

6. The Supreme Court shall during vacation hear and determine criminal appeals and all such applications, motions, and other matters as the exigency of the particular case may require to be immediately or promptly heard and determined.

Validity of acts done in vacation.

7. Every act, matter, or thing done in vacation in pursuance of this Ordinance shall be as valid to all intents and purposes as if done out of vacation.

Vacation not included in computation of time.

8. Where by any enactment, or rule regulating civil procedure, or by any special order of the court, any limited time not exceeding one month is appointed or allowed for the doing of any act or the taking of any proceeding in the Supreme Court, no days included in a vacation shall be reckoned in the computation of such time unless the court otherwise directs.

Vacation Judge.

9. During vacation, except on public holidays, there shall be at least one Judge in Colombo for such time as the Chief Justice may direct.

Chapter 13, Volume No. 1, Page No. 192