granted -directing something to, be. done, but that» something shooednot be -done.- The plaintiff's present ection ,i?v not only for.injunction, but also {or an order apart from the injunction thatthe obstruction should be. removed. That he is entitled to ask.I, would affirm so much of the decree , as .orders that Jfche defendant.restrained :from building the two."rooms on (the land, and thateach- of the parties should bear ;his own costs .of the -aption.:to-the rest of the decree, my order is as follows: .Tb,e defendant .4sordered to pull down the. said building in such a manner .as to qajsethe least damage to -the materials used in the building. If |aefails todo so within, two months ofthedatefrom whichthis recpnd
reachesthe District Court of Jaffna,theplaintiff isauthorized
to pulldown the said building/andthe' defendant 'must pay
to 'theplaintiff • the costs incurredbytheplaintiff indoing the
The plaintiff must deposit. in Court .a sum pf Bs. 200 withinone month of the record reaching the lower .Court,, to .the creditof the temple, for the purpose of erecting. another ^building on asuitable site in lieu of the building directed to be pulled down.On failure of the plaintiff to pay the said sum, this order shall' beenforced at the instance of the defendant as if He: hfeld an::or'derfor the payment of that Sum into Court for the purpose5 aforesaid? fI
.. The.defendant must pay:to -the plaintiff his costs, of,.this..appeal-.iyall Grant J.—I agree.