“ The Court of Criminal Appeal may, if they think fit, on the
application of an appellant, admit the appellant to bail pending the
determination of his appeal. ”
. In the first of the cases cited by learned counsel for the appellant thelearned Judge observed : <c Release on bail will only be granted in casespending appeal in exceptional circumstances. Having considered thismatter carefully, I consider that there are in this case exceptional cir-cumstances' where I am justified in granting the application In thesecond case cited by him bail was refused on the ground that there were no
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SANSONI, J.—Salahudeen v. Thahir
exceptional circumstances. The other cases cited by him are decisions ofthe Court of Criminal Appeal in England. In -the case of Newbery and‘ Burnett Leon Elman (supra) no reasons why bail was granted are stated.
The applicant has not satisfied us that this is a case in which we shouldtake the exceptional and unusual course of granting bail. Theapplication is therefore refused.
Application refused.