Act Nos,
20 of 1970
[24th March
, 1970
Short title.

1. This Act may be cited as the Young Men’s Buddhist Association, Matara, Act.


2. From and after the passing of this Act, the President, Vice-Presidents, and members of the Board of Management for the time being of the Young Men’s Buddhist Association, Matara, and such and so many persons as now are members of the Young Men’s Buddhist Association, Matara, or shall hereafter be admitted members of the corporation hereby constituted, shall be and become a corporation with continuance for ever under the style and name of “The Young Men’s Buddhist Association, Matara”, and by that name shall and may sue and be sued in all courts, with full power and authority to have and use a common seal and alter the same at its pleasure.


3. The general objects for which the corporation is constituted are hereby declared to be–

(a) the study and propagation of Buddhism;

(b) the encouragement of the practical observance of Buddhism;

(c) the promotion of unity and co- operation among Buddhists; and

(d) the advancement of the moral, cultural, physical and social welfare of members.



(1) The rules set forth in the Schedule* shall for all purposes be the rules of the corporation:(* Schedule omitted. – Private enactment.)

Provided, however, that nothing in this section contained shall be held or construed to prevent the corporation at all times hereafter, at any duly constituted general meeting, from making fresh rules, or from altering, amending, adding to, or cancelling any of the rules set forth in the Schedule* or which may hereafter be made by the corporation.

(2) No rule in the *Schedule, nor any rule which may hereafter be passed at a general meeting, shall be altered, added to, amended, or cancelled except on a special resolution of which not less than twenty-eight days’ notice shall have been given, and which resolution shall have been passed by a majority of not less than two-thirds of the members present and voting at a special General Meeting duly convened for the purpose.(* Schedule omitted. – Private enactment.)

Debts, &c.

5. All debts and liabilities of the said Young Men’s Buddhist Association, Matara, existing at the time of the coming into operation of this Act shall be paid by the corporation hereby constituted, and all debts due to and subscriptions and contributions payable to the said Association shall be paid to the said corporation for the purposes of this Act.

Seal of corporation.

6. The seal of the corporation shall not be affixed to any instrument whatsoever except in the presence of at least two of the members of the Board of Management, who shall sign their names to the instrument in token of their presence and such signing shall be independent of the signing of any person as a witness.

Corporation to hold property, &c.

7. The corporation shall be and capable in law to take and hold any property, movable or immovable, which may become vested in it by virtue of any purchase, grant, gift, testamentary disposition, or otherwise, and all such property shall be held by the corporation for the purposes of this Act and subject to the rules for the time being of the said corporation, with full power to sell, mortgage, lease, exchange, or otherwise dispose of the same.

Saving rights of the Republic and others.

8. Nothing in this Act contained shall prejudice or affect the rights of the Republic, or of any body politic or corporate, or of any other persons, except such as are mentioned in this Act and those claiming by, from, or under them.

Chapter 411